New Student Information

2020 Enrollment and Information Forms

Sign up to enroll your students today! After you print out and complete the forms linked above, mail them to the school at 416 Madison St. Fairmont, WV 26554 or scan them and send them to

Cost is $300 per child in grades K-8. This is payable by August 1, 2018.

Lunch – $3.75 per day   Extra Milk $0.50

Parents will be billed at the end of each month. Lunch Payment is due upon receipt.

Civil Rights Law and Regulations

A monthly menu will be sent home with students and posted on the school website. The menu will also note upcoming school events and information.

Make checks payable to Fairmont Catholic Lunch Program.  PLEASE do not combine lunch payments with any other payments. Guidelines for free and reduced lunch applications are enclosed. Please return the application as soon as possible, or no later than the first day of school. Lunch bills will be sent home at the beginning of each month.

Lunch will be cancelled periodically due to functions at St. Peter’s. A note will be sent home as well as a notification via our communication system (email, phone, and/or text message)

Medication Logs (2)to be completed if the school is to administer medication.

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Should Marion Co. delay, dismiss, or cancel Fairmont Catholic will do the same. Be advised by your local television or radio stations.

Grades 1-8 will receive report cards every nine weeks. Progress can be monitored through RenWeb for grades 1-8.  Kindergarten will receive report cards at the end of each semester (twice per school year).  ACCESS TO ONLINE GRADES AND REPORT CARDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED TO FAMILIES WITH OUTSTANDING BALANCES ON ANY ACCOUNT.

All students must be at school by 7:45 AM

Early Back Door (grades K-4 without older siblings) will be dismissed at 2:35. Second Back Door (grades 5-8 & their younger siblings) will be dismissed at 2:45. Children will remain supervised by teachers at all times and will be escorted to cars by our staff. No sidewalk pick-up is permitted. The intersections of Madison and Jackson Streets cannot be blocked. We will use the alley behind the Presbyterian Church as additional access to the back of the school. Every driver on Madison St. will need to let one car into the line from the alley.

Fairmont Catholic uses the Marion Co. school buses. Please check the bus schedule for your child published in the Times-West Virginian newspaper. If unsure contact the Marion County Transportation Department at 367-2161.

Please inform your child of his/her mode of transportation home before sending them to school. Please send a note anytime there is a change in the normal routine.  Also, make sure your child is prepared for early dismissal arrangements. Please notify the school if a non-custodial adult will be picking up your child.

You can stay informed of school news by viewing our website ( Email announcements will also be sent as necessary. Please watch your email for additional information. If you don’t receive any email by the time school starts, please contact Ms. Spadafore at

In conjunction with the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, we are using RenWeb for online grading and communication. If you have any questions or need any help, please contact Ms. Brown ( Access to grades will be restricted for families with outstanding balances.

Fairmont Catholic has an ongoing fundraiser known as the Winners’ Circle. Enrollment for this will be held in March. Other fundraisers will be announced throughout the year.

Cell phones, mp3’s, I-pods, gaming devices, etc. should be brought in at your own risk. These items are not to be used or turned on during class time. Outgoing calls should be made from inside the office.  ALL CELL PHONES MUST BE KEPT OFF AND IN BACKPACKS DURING THE SCHOOL DAY.

The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston conducts sexual abuse awareness training for any parent or volunteer who wishes to participate in school activities and functions. This mandatory 1 ½ – 2 hour workshop is available online. All parents will be sent the information for completing this program. If you’d like to be on the list of helpers in the school, you must complete this process.

Download Files and Forms:
Complete VIRTUS Training:

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Admission Policy

The following policies have been adopted to clearly articulate how enrollment decisions will be determined. If the application is received by the deadline and student meets the school’s admissions criteria, student will be further considered for enrollment.  Students will be selected and placed in the school based on the maximum capacity of classrooms as set by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston according to the following categories in order:

  1. Currently enrolled students in good standing.
  2. Siblings of students currently enrolled.
  3. Students currently enrolled and in good standing at another school in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.
  4. Catholic children of participating parishioners who are siblings or children of a graduate of the School.
  5. Children of parishioners who are registered, contributing and participating members of the School Parish (or if a central school, one of the participating parishes).*
  6. Children of parishioners who are registered, contributing, and participating members at another Catholic parish within the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.*
  7. Non-Catholic students (Non-Catholic students will be enrolled or added to a waiting list in the order of applications received).

* Families can obtain a form from their parish that is to be signed by the pastor and submitted to the school  at application.

Wait List

  • Students not selected for admission due to class size limits, will automatically be placed on a wait list.
  • If an opening becomes available, students on the wait list will be given priority for those openings in the same order of preference as detailed in the Admission Eligibility protocols.
  • The wait list will exist for the current academic year only.
  • The wait list will be established after the enrollment process for the upcoming school year has ended and will terminate when that school year ends.